Thursday, 19 May 2011

GR8 Fires on the Web

With the recent makeover of our site and a new dedicated server, it's exciting times at Gr8Fires. The site seems to be going from strength to strength and we've more happy customers and more satisfied customer reviews, which is great news.

With all the work on the site, it'd be a shame not to try and give our online profile a bit more of a push. As well as this blog and our site, we've a few profiles on the internet that really need some work and updating.

Here's where we can currently be found on the internet:

On Twitter at!/Gr8fires - Must improve on this, so watch out for more product news, info and updates.
Our Facebook at

- At the moment we're working on our Facebook strategy! Seems all the rage, so we need to keep up.

And in terms of our marketing, the GR8Fires Alexa ranking is 2,572,087, and in the UK 205,276. Not entirely sure what it all means or how great Alexa is as a metric but it's worth keeping an eye on and seeing how we progress.

So watch this space!

GR8 Fires Now Accepting Google Checkout.

Since April 2011, GR8 Fires have been accepting payments via Google Checkout.

For those of you who already have a Google Checkout account, this will simplify the checkout process - as all you will have to provide is your Google account username and password. No more filling out lengthy forms!

With Google checkout, you are covered against unauthorised purchases, and you can even chose to keep your email address private from sellers so you can be sure you will never be 'spammed' (GR8 Fires never send spam emails - but you can never be sure with some retailers :-)

Since implementing Google Checkout as a payment option, we have seen an increase in sales, so our customers are happy with it, and that makes us happy as well!

If you would like to sign up for a Google Checkout Account and simplify your online shopping experience click here -

GR8 Fires Now on a New Dedicated Server

Great news that the GR8 Fires site is now running on it’s own dedicated server.

For the last 21/2 years the GR8 Fires website was on a shared hosting platform.

In the time that we had shared hosting, the site was down a few times every couple of months for perhaps 10 minutes to 4 hours, usually during the early hours of the morning, but in general it was fine.

Nevertheless with an increasing number of online visitors and customers, and with Google’s announcement that they’re taking speed loading times into consideration we decided to try and increase site speed, have more control over the server and went for a dedicated server option.

We have noticed an increase in speed and have had no downtime. So far so good.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Fires and Fireplaces

We have just completed our first year in business at gr8 fires and have gained many new happy customers.

Wood burners

We have just completed our first year at gr8 fires and are proud to say that we have gained lots of happy customers in the last 12 months.